It doesn’t care your hcp, it doesn’t care from how much games, but above all forgotten the other competitions of golf.

If you think that the sweater is pure passion, if you think that is not only a matter of numbers and mechanics, if you believe that the swing is not learned but it is conquered, then try you in the first circuit of the capital. You have available 4 tappes of prestige to earn you the ending, every hole can be decisive, every tee can bring aloft you, every green can point out you the correct road. You choose with care your hits, it studies the conditions of the field and you always hold the low head.

It breathes.

You are in competition.

TFT Building Management has the pleasure to invite you to the Rome Golf Tour 2017

– Domenica September 17 th 2017 –

“OLGIATA GOLF CLUB” of Largo Olgiata 15, Rome.