Due Diligence

TFT Building Management

Property Management Services guarantee the management of real estate assets through a wide offer of activities oriented to obtain the best profitability. The main purpose is to follow the entire real estate cycle starting from the pre-acquisition to the management  up to the sale of the property. Cost control and administrative, technical and maintenance management are the main aspects planned in the real estate strategy.

Due Diligence

Property Management


Ability and organization:

  • Competence and experience in different areas of the Property management, supported by a network of professionals distributed on the entire national territory.
  • Service organization giving to each Client/Project a dedicated Project Manager, responsible for planning, coordination and service control.
  • Computer platform dedicated to audit service and due diligence: web-based reporting and data-room available for the clients.
  • Audit services and due diligence, census activities and real estate auditing, check of administrative, plant and environmental compliance, suggestion of adaptation procedures, document collection of each property.
  • Administrative Management: rent management, tenants and condominium administrators relationship, exercise budget and tributary fulfillments.
  • Technical and maintenance management: structural, plant, energy, maintenance auditing and processing and monitoring maintenance plans.
  • Project management services: supervision work and watch dog for maintenance and real estate development.
  • File access service: file access service to find missing documents at the competent public authorities/offices (such as Conservatory Real Estate Registers, Cadastre and Municipal archives).
  • Preparatory services for disposal/sale: Regulatory adjustment activities and certification, assistance in managing relationship with notary, tenants, buyers, predisposition and management of paper and virtual data-rooms.