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TFT Building Management

Al di là del mestiere, la passione e una costante ricerca della qualità.
La passione per il nostro lavoro. La qualità dei nostri servizi.

TFT was founded in Rome in 1988 by Mr Tancredi Filippo Trifirò. For 25 years the first headquarters have been located in Corso Francia, one of the main street of the north district of Rome. The choice was not random as the main activity of the company was concentrated there at the beginning.

In 2005 a representative office was opened in Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of the city.

In 2012 the headquarters were transferred to Viale Parioli.

The company started to work mainly in the segment of luxury properties and now decided to enter also the corporate segment collaborating with many important companies dealing also with the management of real estate funds.

Mr Trifirò created a structure that would reflect what he firmly believes: a company which is meant  to be not just a “job” for him and his team of professionals, but a true and real burning passion.

Throughout the years, TFT has become a successful company thanks to the ability to adapt to the continuous market changes, a quality that has brought great advantages to its clients.

TFT distinguishes itself from other real estate agencies because it creates personalized services for each client. The company has always focused on achieving maximum client satisfaction, reconciling the needs of the buyer and those of the seller.

TFT continuously aims to be the real estate company that clients can trust. It supports each client through all the transaction phases, both in the case of purchasing “the first home” that in making an investment.

TFT provides professional services either to families who want to buy “the first home” or firms who want to invest their profits choosing reliable investments among the most important real estate funds.

Today TFT manages 600 properties and thanks to professionality and experience, it is a leading name in the national market.

TFT offers to sellers consulting services for real estate detailed evaluation in residential, commercial and tourist segments. Thanks to accurate appraisal and constant market studies, TFT can offer particular analysis of the asset in order to propose the most personalized strategy to achieve the best real estate valorization.

  • Analysis and evaluation of the Italian and foreign property portfolio
  • Business Plan of real estate development with economic and financial analysis
  • Valorization and management of each asset during all phases of selling
  • Creation, development and promotion of personalized advertising projects
  • Communication and Marketing services through web and national and international specialized magazines
  • Editing of personalized brochures and photographic services for each asset
  • Projects of restoring created by our architects according to the client specific needs
  • Reporting on the status of the asset and seller constant updating
  • Consulting and assistance with the purchase of a property in the urbanistic, legal and fiscal sectors
TFT offers to buyers consulting services to select the best real estate proposals on national and international level. TFT main purpose is to offer to clients all the information required regarding the different types of investment available to grant in the years a constant profit.

  • Selection of the best real estate proposals in the private and corporate sector
  • Assistance during all steps of transaction from the purchase up to the deed
  • Consulting services in urbanistic, fiscal and legal issues due to partnership with specialists
  • Feasibility studies and evaluation of the best strategies
  • Analysis of comparative and personalized profit –risk
  • Editing of urbanistic, fiscal and legal due diligences
  • Reliable investments on real estate funds with high profits